Tas Jewellery: the story of a dream come true

por Clara Guzmán



Margoni’s rings, earrings and pendant in aquamarines. Photo © Nieves Sanz

This is the story of Isabel Rodríguez and a dream come true. A dream that is as literary as it is handmade and business. But let’s go one step at a time. Isabel was Reading the book of Amin Maalouf, «Leon the African» when she realized that she wanted to be like its main character, who in his long and busy life there was a time when he worked as a merchant and sold his goods in Fez. She does it in Seville, in Tas, her jewellery.


Necklace and earrings by Marta Gallart. Photo © Nieves Sanz

It is a small and pretty jewellery in a traditional street of the City Centre, Chicarreros. This Christmas has celebrated its ten birthday from the first time that it opened the doors and the romantic side of Isabel still remains even more alive. “I love going to far places, discovering new artisans, buying them their pieces and then offering them to the public of my city. They are unique pieces but very affordable; the artisanal doesn’t have to be a luxury item”.


Earrings and ring designed by Isabel de Tas Joyería. Photo © Nieves Sanz

“There are people who value wearing a masterpiece in a shape of earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, diadems… Each day new people go inside my shop whom I tell the artistic story of one or another artisan. With them valorating it I feel full of pride and joy, and it estimulates me to go ahead with my dream. Besides, my pieces are handmade in the western world and not in subhuman conditions”.


Diadems of Ellen Mekiffer. Photo © Nieves Sanz

In the special review of this decade in charge of Tas, Isabel Rodríguez hope to gain ground in the markets and that the economy allows her keep travel to innermost places, in the search of new artisans. But as she is more passionate than materialistic, she does not miss the occassion to praise her rate of creators and their singular pieces, some of them brought in telademoda.com.


Earrings and pendant by Silvia Piva. Photo © Nieves Sanz

“I love the long necklaces of Marta Gallart, all the production of Niki Boli and its way of engage diamonds in the silver; how Margoni carves the gems, keeping their shape to make unique pieces of jewellery. And then there is Ellen Mekiffer, a German woman who lives in Seville and whose pieces are inspired in nature. The most curious is that she reproduces them from dry flowers. Everything is so poetic…”.


Earrings, necklaces and ring by Ellen Mekiffer Photo © Nieves Sanz

“As her diadems and bride tiaras, which are made depending on the client preferences. Silver, golden, with pearls, with gems… We also make applications for the dresses and then everything is reused. From the buttons of a dress a pair of cufflinks were made for the father of a bride”. Beside from the street Chicarreros, Tas Jewellery can be visited in the Networks: Facebook e Instagram, @tasjoyeria.

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