Tas, author jewelry

por Clara Guzmán



Poetic design Roberto and Victoria. Reportage: © De la Fuente


Isabel Rodríguez takes away at a stroke the idea that author jewelry are only for prosperous pockets. They are what gave reason for her jewelry, Tas, (www.tasjoyeria.com) in the Sevillian Chicarreros street, small but big in original pieces. “A jewel is a piece of art and it is not related to its price. It is true that the jewelry requires noble metals and natural stones, but there are pieces very economic, surprisingly economical for the buyer. Maybe because we not only look for innovation, but the interpretation of concepts and investigation of different materials; that every single design bears the mark of its author”.



Headband and earrings by Ellen Mekiffer


A thesis that is glaringly just with take a look to her jewelry. There is not only new pieces, but others that start form an old one that the customer wants to modernize giving it a contemporary touch. In her payroll counts with thirty artists who give life to all their wisdom of craftsman, a trade that, according to Isabel Rodríguez, is increasingly understood and appreciated. There are Spaniards, Poles, Greeks, Germans and Italians, some new in this square, who have already displayed their good arts to fill Tas of Christmas novelties.


Margoni signing these rings


“This time, I want to underline the pieces of the Greeks Stavros Vlachos and Margoni; of the Polish Korczynsky, German Ellen Mekiffer and Spaniards Roberto and Victoria and Marta Gallart. And it is curious, but lately abroad it is considering a lot the explosion of creativity of ours national jewelers. It is in the plated silver, mixed with rusty silver, in pendants and necklaces; for the diamonds, the white gold. The pink, as new, because who likes gold shows gratitude for the change of color”.



One of the proposals of Marta Gallart

“The brooches still are the stars, but it is coming back to the little, minimalist piece, in good coexistence with the big and excessive”. “Anyway –continues Isabel- the customer looks for unique pieces; she wants to distinguish herself also in the accessories, especially in earrings. Maybe because they light up the face and “dress” it, whether small or size XXL, in silver, gold or combined with these two materials”.



A floral design Stavros Vlachos


But Isabel Rodríguez keeps a surprise in her particular Pandora’s box. The next year, Tas will become part of a wedding web. “We have been dedicated to this sector for a while, because the brides demanded it to us. We create headbands, tiaras, combs and fine combs, plated in gold or silver, pieces that also are worn in parties. The different wedding rings are having much success. We made them in our workshop with the wire that the ring forms square and irregular, matte and in some cases mixing yellow gold with the white one”.


The Korczynsky polish is the author of this set


“When the bride has clear the dress, she came with the pattern and we design to her liking not only the earrings (of pearls or natural stones), but the belt and even the buttons, matching the headband or tiara. We participate in the great party of the preparations not only the protagonist, but the rest of the guests. Recently, we made a brooch for a godmother dress, who we advised break the uniformity of color in shoes and bag. Each accessory has to have its place and a jewel is a jewel. Especially if it is an author one”.