Sew with Inmaculada Sancho

por Clara Guzmán

Reportage: David Sighno

Inmaculada Sancho, designer of Morón de la Frontera, Seville, will increase her teaching classes from October. With a knowledge of more than twenty years at the needlework, she will continue combining teaching with the realization in her workshop (C/Cantarranas, 23) of wedding dresses, flamenco, maid of honour, cocktail and street ones. That whole repertoire of clothing needed in the female wardrobe that for more than twenty years sew for those women who blindly trust in her, is her consignature to erect in master of the needle and the thimble.



 In November of last year, telademoda echoed from the decision of this designer of get on with this dream of teaching all that she knows, and she knows a lot, about a trade so little valued like everything involved with craft. In the wake of new technologies and with the pull of social networks, which is an active consumer, Inmaculada Sancho began to teach online.


The success of that initiative, which has allowed to have students in very different places like Lima, Palma de Mallorca, Tetuan, Buenos Aires or Mexico City, has been the incentive to continue and expand it. In addition to classes through video conferencing and Skype, where she explains to her students from how to use a thimble to make small fixes, how to sew up the low of garments or put zips, to make a coat, now also her teachings will be face-to-face in Seville.


The owners of The French sewing kit, (C/ Hernando del Pulgar, 20, right, in the neighborhood of Nervión) put in touch with her and starting in October, in the morning, she will give classes of dressmaking and soutache, a technique made with bands of threads, silk or nylon, where different beads and jewels are setting to create shapes and figures. But, also, Inmaculada Sancho will continue with her classes in her studio, and also from October in the Foundation Fernando Villalón of Morón, promoted by the group Ocio Creativo, in two shifts: for adults and kids from six years.


 “Do not football players become coaches when they’re getting old? Well, I’ve also done docent, because besides I love and I have vocation, teaching is very gratifying. If to this you add that the girls who you’re teaching to sew will appreciate, when they’re older, what it takes to make a garment by hand is to jump for joy. Teaching is also to give its real value to a craft trade”.



Inmaculada Sancho learnt to sew from the hand of her aun Adela Martos, who said to her that the fabric talks. Now that she has already learnt her language by far, she wants to tell it to others. “There’s no distinction of sexes, in the courses I have men and women. They only have to call to 606856982, send a message to my mail:, through my facebook page Inmaculada Sancho Moda or my blog,, where different schedules are shown”.

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