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15 de November de 2014



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Teresa Oliveras Quintana introduces herself like orthodontist and mother of three kids. In October, last year, she found that necessary hole to dedicate a plot of her life to her passion, the fashion. She studied Design, Illustration, Pattern designing and Dressmaking, in ‘Sevilla de Moda’, which ended having the bug of continuing to achieve her dream. A dream which made a reality last November 4th when she walked in ‘Andalucía de Moda’, in the Entrepreneurs space. Her brand, Tolivqui, baptized with her initial and first syllables of her two last names. Do not lose sight of her. 



She says that fashion is a way of life and she always made things that she would wear. Because of that she signed up to the needlework classes that Titina López taught in her house at Colina Blanca. From there she started to run and created her first designs, some straight knitted dresses with two leather pockets on the front. “I started selling them on my website:, but I realized that it was not enough. So I went to markets. The first, the one of María Luisa Park and then, the Vejer Weekend Fashion, and there was where I met Pedro González, fashion director of Doble Erre, business organizer of Andalucía de Moda”.


“He proposed me to participate in the fashion show, inside of the entrepreneurs group. When he asked me my phone number, I thought that he will never call me, but he kept his word and, although he does not know, he made my dream reality. My experience has been wonderful. I took the decision of enjoying that moment. I submitted ten designs inside my idea of a timeless fashion, because I do not follow trends. I have given more prominence to fabrics and patterns are simple: crew neck, straight and quarter sleeves, long skirt with a center pleat, more little pleats…”.



“All garments match between them, the red skirt with the white shirt of the pleated skirt… I have worn the nude long skirt with a basic t-shirt and then for a wedding with a top or a formal shirt. They are pieces of clothing designed to take advantage of them, to make profitable them. I opted for black and white, with a touch of color: blue, nude and red. The fabrics: crepe, silk, lace, leather and imitation leather, velvet, chiffon gemstones…”


“I always buy the fabrics in Canales. Ana Canales, who is my friend, put special prices when she closed the store and I have taken whole pieces. Now I buy his cousin Javier”. Teresa brag that her business is hundred per cent Spanish, that everything is done “at home”. “I have the workshop at Los Palacios and I do a limited production, with a very few models of each garment. Now I want to jump to Madrid and I have in mind to participate in a famous “pop up”.”


Meanwhile, Teresa continues with her another plot: her children knitted garments. “I decided to knitting with circular needle, because I have discovered that my other passion is knitting. Every Thursday morning I go to “Devanalana”, in Cuna Street (Seville), where I also acquire all materials. I do sweaters, bootees, jackets, rompers. They are very useful designs, in hundred per cent merino wool, in ocher, salmon, stone, although the client can choose the color that he likes the best”. For more information, visit her web (, FB ( and Twitter (

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