Babiné, kidswear hundred percent Spanish

8 de February de 2014


Photos: Xabier López

Rosario de la Encarnación has just arrived from the International Children’s Fashion Fair of Madrid full of energy and excited because her firm Babiné ( is still climbing all those steps to success, which are the ones that help keep going, fighting against wind and storm with an economic crisis, which she ensures that’s ending. Veterano n these matters and from her hometown, Lantejuela, in Seville, she has made possible that at this point Babiné remains a kidswear firm hundred percent Spanish. 



In FIMI she has showed her two flags, Babiné and Roinsal, her maternity wear line, which returns to the market after a period of relaxation and that we will talk in a next instalment. Rosario de la Encarnación says that it has been a success that the Spanish children’s fashion fair  par excellence  has been moved from Valencia to Madrid. “The communications with the capital of Spain are better and that favors the presence of buyers and general public, and obviously it results in the business. We have done it very well; we have made a lot of contacts and more people have visited to us”.


But Rosario is part of that legion of small and medium entrepreneurs who decided to internationalize their firms seeing the wasteland of the internal market. The result of this effort is the “familiarity” with the fairs or Bubble and Intermoda, from London and Mexico, respectively. “In Mexico like so much the Spanish fashion, besides to value the craftsmanship, a sector which in Spain almost unnoticed, maybe because of ignorance, and because abroad has its place of honor. However, we are noticing the improvement of the internal market, a symptom of that we’re coming out of the financial crisis, although slowly”.


But where is no crisis is in creativity, these ideas that are launched continously in order to each season different collections see the light and dazzle the market again. “Ideas come when you see the fabric”, says Rosario. “In my case they come immediately and I start to work. Of course that sometimes I remember things of my childhood, how we wore then, some decorations or sewings and I apply them. It often happens to me in every collection, like in this one of spring-summer”.



And when the warm weather arrives, the Babiné’s children will be full of colour, with the joy of the summer, but also with light brown shadows, splattered with little polka-dots, a trend that has been very well received. The navy style is so noticeable in boys, with stripped pants in blue and white shirts with double breasted, without forgetting the stylish t-shirts matching with the different lines, together with some fun bags for girls, in a chic sport, as Rosario likes to describe it.



The fabrics have always been the big concern of this Sevillian designer. In each collection she makes an effort to outdo the last one. “Every time there are more and more advances in this field and I don’t scrimp because there’s in play the skin of children, who is our consumer”. Cottons, linens, piques to wear from baby to twelve years, including a swimming collection both girl and boy. And all made in home, in the studios of Marchena, Paradas, Arahal and Seville. So, kidswear hundred percent Spanish.

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