Mely Rodríguez Relinque, all out!

por Clara Guzmán



Mely, in his native Seville. Photo: © Nieves Sanz

Experts say that after we have closed a chapter of our life, we need to take a time to reflexion. A time to take distance and approach to new positions. A time to meditate, to pass with distinction some pending subjects such as having more time with the family, a time to train ourselves and therefore choosing without any doubt what we are going to do now. In this stage is now Mely Rodríguez Relinque.



Mely is a woman who wastes vitality and optimism. Photo: © Nieves Sanz

High executive in the world of luxury, the Sevillian Mely Rodríguez Relinque ( built herself in Loewe, the Spanish luxury brand par excellence, now integrated in the powerful group LVMH. From Seville she arrived in Malaga, where in the last years she has worked as the director of the Loewe shop in the Sun Coast capital city, indeed in the hardest times of the economic crisis. A challenge for the braves.



With Jorge González, director of the Hotel AC Málaga Palacio. Photo: Telademoda


But challenges are not a strange for this vital, optimistic and empathetic woman, to whom luxury is everything surrounding and breathable and where half-measures are not understood neither possible. That’s why she regrets that cities don’t invest in such a profitable area. But Mely is also a luxurious person in her gift of herself to others. Is the silent gift that only a few people know, like «Fundación Andrés Olivares«, where she lends a hand.



In El Pimpi de Málaga, city where he has made great friends. Photo: Telademoda

There have been many years of experience in a sometimes misunderstood world, but in Mely Rodríguez Relinque has left a very big ground, profesionally and personally. A list of clients who became friends with the passing years, a good sense and a background which not every profesional have, for their deep youth or because they are not well prepared.



With the journalist Lorena Codes, in one of the acts that Mely organized in Malaga. Photo: Telademoda


And there Mely wins deep. In this previous phase to her big jump to the professional arena, she is studying, reading and surfing the Net all day long preparing her trip to England with their sons. “But we are leaving as students. ¡All of us to class! Because in this period until they call me again I’m investing in me and you can’t imagine how much I’m learning from all kind of field”.


From the port of Malaga, for all! Photo: Telademoda

“I’m very into the world of Catering and Public Relations for this second professional stage, although I have a personal project in mind, which I can combine perfectly. I would like to choose that which give me the hope to give all the best of me”. She will get it for sure since she expands a torrent of strength and will. Also, Mely Rodríguez Relinque goes all out.