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“Muacks” dresses kids like kids

14 de November de 2018


    Goethe said that enthusiasm is the only state of mind able to generate action. Ask Macu Ramos, a Sevillian woman established in Fregenal de la Sierra, who is following to the letter the thoughts of the German writer. She is the creator of the children’s clothing brand “Muacks”, she has just launched her […]

On a wedding with Paloma Cerezal

5 de November de 2018


    Paloma Cerezal is back in telademoda.com. And she is back because she is a classic example in this field. You all know what they say about the trends being passing by, and the fashion is eternal. Paloma took the helm from her father, Petete Cerezal, and continued the saga of a family that […]

María José Segura: Flamenco time

4 de February de 2018


  María José Segura comes back to telademoda.com because my followes want to know about this designer now that it is time for flamenco. They want to know where she has nailed it again, because María José Segura always stays ahead of trends, colours, shapes… She is a forerunner even to the recent craft boom. […]

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