“Muacks” dresses kids like kids

14 de November de 2018


    Goethe said that enthusiasm is the only state of mind able to generate action. Ask Macu Ramos, a Sevillian woman established in Fregenal de la Sierra, who is following to the letter the thoughts of the German writer. She is the creator of the children’s clothing brand “Muacks”, she has just launched her […]

On a wedding with Paloma Cerezal

5 de November de 2018


    Paloma Cerezal is back in telademoda.com. And she is back because she is a classic example in this field. You all know what they say about the trends being passing by, and the fashion is eternal. Paloma took the helm from her father, Petete Cerezal, and continued the saga of a family that […]

Nuria Cobo: “Women older than forty are the forsaken ones of fashion world”

25 de May de 2018


    It is normal finding the physical store of Nuria Cobo, located in Méndez Núñez Street in Seville,  completely filled with ladies choosing shoes. But it is already becoming something usual to receive followers from the legion of faithful people from her videos, which since last October she has been sharing in youtube (  www.youtube.com) and are having a great […]

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