Wedding with Purogarbo

16 de March de 2013



Reportage: Ángel González

Alfonso Navarro and Diego Valle are the authors of Purogarbo (, where since last year and half, brings together fashion brands, specially Spanish and as selected as this atelier, situated at the street Jesús del Gran Poder, 13, in the center of Seville. Dominated by a black and white photograph of Miss Garbo, the enigmatic Swedish actress, the only mystery here is to discover how they are going to surprise us each season. And surely they will surprise us. Next thing, designs made in Purogarbo.



In this beautiful game of know what they will bring to us this spring, the customer always wins. We all like to feel pampered and well taken care of while we are buying the dress of our lives; the jacket that we fall in love when we see at the shop window o that mint coat that is waiting us for who knows premiere on Easter. They say that this is the key of their success, the direct, warm and kind behavior, so far from that fixation that has some places to look over the shoulder when you go to solve the problem of feeling save and fine in a special occasion.



Because in Purogarbo l’atelier is not only for this special day like a wedding, a dinner or a kind of event that you want to look awesome, even for the complicated management of the daily ‘what I wear’ without falling in the routine or in the uniform. “We work with brands that can adapt the models in colour or fabric depending of the taste of the customer. That is one of the benefits of count on national designers; that and that the product is good, of high quality and with the added bonus of been made in Spain”.


“In addition of our usual fashion brands like Lydia Delgado, Beatriz de la Cámara, Ophelia is Lost… this new season we count on with the designer Sita Murt, the new collection of Galician brand Blossan or the Parisian one Ella Luna”. But, also, you can leave Purogarbo dressed from head to feet: headbands, shoes, bags and suede or leather gloves like the one that Gilda wore, are famous in Seville. They are the accessories needed to give a surname to a look: sophisticated, discrete or funny. Here you can choose what you want.


The variety is huge but always with a common thread: femininity in abundance. Diego and Alfonso are showing the trends for this season that we are opening. Fabrics with a great fall for cocktail dresses, pants with funny prints and colour, a lot of colour. Colours that go from soft and pastels, that continue being fashionable: mint, pale pink, nude and white, to the other side of the palette, the fluorescent colours. Yellow that tend to pistachio green and bright pink.


The combination of fabrics in the same garment is the tonic of this season. Combination that is able to give an informal touch to the most elegant design. Some with little brush-strokes of sequins or the needed shine to dazzle. But, of course, the best option is to see it. Like anticipation, here is Fátima Rodríguez de la Borbolla, that has known to interpret some models of Purogarbo. By the street or in the hotel Espacio Azahar, she show us why this Sevillian shop is part of the chic Seville route.

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